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Constantin I., AE Follis

Product no.: 9870084

Roman Empire, Constantine I, the Great, 307-337. Follis

Obv.Bust with bust and armour

Rev.The Capitoline Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus

50.00 *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

Roman Empire, Constantine I., AE Follis

Product no.: Constantin

Roman Empire, Constantine the Great (307-337), AE Follis, Bronze, ~18-20mm, ~2,0-4,5g, near ef

99.00 *
Old price 120.00 €
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New Celts, East Noricum, AR Tetradrachm (2nd-1st BC) Samobor type A - RARE

Product no.: 447269

Celts, East Noricum, AR Tetradrachm (2nd-1st BC) Samobor type A

Av. head with pearl diadem
Rs. Horse of Epona, dot on chest

1,160.00 *
In stock
shipping within 2-5 days

New Italy, Venice, Sequin

Product no.: 9870026

Italien, Venice, Sequin N.D.

The doge kneeling before Saint Marcus, cross placed between them


680.00 *
In stock
shipping within 2-5 days

New Attica, Owl, AR Tetradrachm

Product no.: 244716_1

Greece, Attica - Owl, AR tetradrachm (5th century BC).

Av. head of Athena.
Rs. Owl with olive branch and crescent moon in quadratum incusum.

790.00 *

New Celts, Vindelici, AV Stater

Product no.: 434027

Celts, Vindelici, AV Stater (2nd -1st century B.C.)

1,650.00 *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New JUDAEA, AE Prutah, Herod the Great, 40-4 BC, (Matthäus 2,1–20)

Product no.: 384119

JUDAEA, AE Prutah, Herod the Great, 40-4 BC, (Matthäus 2, 1 – 20)

NGC certification number: 2061665-054

150.00 *
In stock
shipping within 2-5 days
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