Alpha Auction

Online Auction Alpha 7 - Emporium Hamburg


Our upcoming online auction Alpha 7 will take place from December 17, 2021 until January 02, 2022!

From December 17, 2021 you can view the auction lots on our online platform
and place your bids until January 02, 2022.


In our online tutorial we explain step by step how to register as a bidder and place bids.

If you have any questions an concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

by phone:              +49 40 257 99-140
by fax:                   +49 40 257 99-100
by email:      


You wish to sell your coins & medals, be it your complete collection or single coins or papermoney?
Take a look at our services and do not hesitate to contact the Emporium Hamburg auction team.
We are looking forward to it!