Coin Sets

Coin Sets

Exclusive coin sets from our coin Shop: You will receive your coins in a decorative box. In addition, we assure you the authenticity of these numismatic specialties with our certificates of authenticity.

We are gradually expanding this category. Therefore: Check back often, it's worth it!

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New Roman Empire, Etruscilla, AR Antoninianus

Product no.: 302031

59.00 *
In stock
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Ancient silver: Precious set of 3 coins

Product no.: Silber der Antike

445.00 *

The Denarii of the Emperors of Rome

Product no.: Die Denare der Kaiser Roms

480.00 *
In stock
shipping within 2-5 days

1900 years Trajan and Hadrian, AR denarii in a set of 2

Product no.: 1900 Jahre Trajan und Hadrian

395.00 *

The Empresses of the Roman Empire

Product no.: Die Kaiserinnen des Römischen Reiches

445.00 *
In stock
shipping within 2-5 days

medieval silver coins (Set of 2), 1025th Anniversary of the Coronation of Otto III.

Product no.: Silbermünzen des Mittelalters

129.00 *
Old price 199.00 €

Set of 4 Prussian - coins, Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1841-1860)

Product no.: 4er Set Preußen-Keinmünzen, Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1841-1860)

99.00 *
Old price 119.00 €
In stock
shipping within 2-5 days
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