Byzantium, Nikephoros III, AV Scyphat

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Byzantium, Nicephoros III (1078-1081), AV Scyphat

Obv.: Christ enthroned from the front
Rev: Emperor with labarum and cross on globe


As emperor of the Byzantine Empire, he didn't have it easy! Exclusively from Emporium: The gold of Nicephoros III.

Emperor Nicephoros III. came to power in challenging times. Upon assuming the throne, he replaced Emperor Michael VII from the Doukas family. However, he aligned himself with their tradition by marrying the wife of the deposed emperor, who had been forced to enter a monastery. During his reign, Nicephoros III. struggled to stabilize the empire economically, and the financial situation became increasingly precarious. The devaluation of Byzantine gold had already begun under Michael IV., but Nicephoros accelerated this process. Additionally, the emperor was unable to fend off external enemies, and there were frequent minor uprisings in the provinces. Ultimately, Alexios Komnenos leveraged his influence in the army to depose Nicephoros, who then retreated to a monastery.

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Additional product information

Origin Byzantine Empire
Grading VF
Additional specifications Mintage period: 1078-1081 Material: Gold Grade: VF
Material Gold
Full weight

ca. 4,35g

Fineness Gold.900
Literature Sear 1881

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