Product Quality & Guarantee

We are your specialist for numismatics and coin trading

For more than 40 years Emporium Hamburg has been active in coin trading. Due to these many years of experience we have been in the position to set up a huge network of direct contacts to mints, banks and traders. Consequently, we can offer you premium quality. Furthermore, this very network makes sure that we are able to provide rare historical coins, coins from the German Empire or exclusive bullion coins.


Quality and guarantee when buying coins

Our experienced buying agents are experts on the field of collection coins and guarantee verified authenticity of the offered coins: Be it the Euro, Deutsche Mark, Reichsmark or Thaler, we guarantee authenticity and back it up with our good name.  


The value of coins is our number one priority

Quality, performance and service are vital factors with regard to trading with “collector’s coins”. Due to the huge network of our buying agents we are able to purchase the goods at favorable and low prices. The direct purchase of goods from mints puts us in a position where we are able to pass the price advantage on to our customers. Consequently, you can say “at Emporium Hamburg the price is right!”

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Image Brochure