Tutorial - bid live

Tutorial – BID LIVE!


Dear Madams and Sirs, dear coin collectors,

We are pleased to present the possibility to bid live and set pre-bids via emporium-numismatics.auctionmobility.com

As soon as the auction is open for bids, you can use emporium-numismatics.auctionmobility.com to view the auction lots online in a high-quality presentation and have the opportunity to submit pre-bids. In addition, you can follow our auction in real time during the auction days and bid for your desired coins & banknotes live! Through the video transmission you can see the auctioneer and follow when the hammer falls on your desired lots!

Please, check our time schedule to ensure that you appear in time for your interesting lots. You can find it in our catalogue or just click here

We would also like to point out that you as a participating bidder in our auction accept the auction conditions as binding.


In the following we show you step by step – from registering as bidder to the surcharge on a lot – how you can bid live and see how the hammer falls.


You can reach our auctions online in two ways:

1. via emporium-numismatics.auctionmobility.com
2. or via our homepage: emporium-numismatics.com
Please move your cursor over the Auction button and click on Live bidding.


In the following we explain:

1. Register as member and bidder
2. Place pre-bid
3. Bid live
3. Additional Features


You can choose between english and german language. Simply switch between the languages by clicking the English or Deutsch button at the end of the header. We would like to point out, that lots are described in German.



Register as a member and bidder on emporium-numismatics.auctionmobility.com

We recommend to register as a member at auctionmobility and as a bidder in our auction in good time so that you can take part in our auction in a relaxed manner (please, at least 24 hours before the auction starts). We also would like to point out that bidder registrations and bidder numbers from previous auctions (floor or online auction) are not valid. Please register again as a bidder at each auction on auctionmobility.

We would also like to point out that you cannot register on our online auction portal emporium-numismatics.auctionmobility.com using the registration data on our website emporium-numismatics.com.


1. Register as a member

1.1. Click on REGISTER (Registrieren).



1.2 You are not yet registered as a member, press on Not a member? Sign up now (Kein Mitglied? Jetzt anmelden).





1.3 Here enter your name, email as well as desired password (min. 6 characters), accept the terms of use and privacy policy and click on REGISTER (Anmelden).




2. Register as a bidder

After registration as member you also have to register as bidder for the auction.

2.1 This is possible in two ways, click on REGISTER (Registrieren) or BID (Bieten).




2.2 The side with the required datas opens. After filling in the required information, click on REGISTER (Registrieren). You will receive an email from auctionmobility confirming your registration and your bidder number.


From now on you can login by auctionmobility via the button LOGIN (Anmelden) and enter your email as well as the passwort you created.



1. Select your desired lot and click on PLACE BID (Bieten).




2. The lot you have selected will now be opened and you can place your pre-bid.

3. By clicking on BID (Bieten) again you can enter your bid. Our auction follows the bidding increaments and one of the suggested bidding steps can be selected. If your bid amount is not suggested, you can alternatively enter it manually. Please make sure that you follow the bidding steps.

4. Click on BID (Gebot) and your pred-bid is placed.



Live bidding

Once the auction started you can BID LIVE.

1. The button LIVE illustrates which lot currently falls under the hammer.

2. If you would like to bit live, press on BID LIVE (Live bieten).

live bidding


3. The lot is displaced and the current highest bid is shown. The button below shows you the bid that must be placed to exceed the current maximum bid. If you want to bid, click on BID (Bieten). (The example shows a lot which is called at the starting price and has no bids yet).

live bidding




4. It is important for your bid to be accepted that you click on CONFIRM (Bestätigen) afterwards.

live bidding


5. When you have entered the highest bid, YOU WIN (Sie gewinnen) will appear. If you have been outbid, YOU WERE OVERBID (Sie wurden überboten) will appear. To continue bidding, simply click on BID and CONFIRM buttons again.

live bidding

6. During the auction you have the opportunity to view the lots visible on the header. In addition, you can follow the currently called lot.


Additional functions:

Auctionmobility offers you furhter helpful functions

  • With the button My bids (Meine Gebote) you can view your bids placed so far and receive information about the current bid status.
  • You can also watch lots that interested you. First you must call up the desired lot. By clicking on the star symbol WATCH (Beobachten) it will get to Watched lots (Beobachtete Lose).
  • By entering the desired lot number at Jump to Lot (Zum Los Springen), auctionmobility jumps to your desired lot.
  • Under CATEGORIES the sections can be selected individually. Attention, these are sorted alphabetically and are not aligned with our time schedule.


We are pleased to welcome you as a bidder at our auction! Dates for our upcoming auctions can be found here

You can find the catalogue in PDF format or take a look at emporium-numismatics.com