Preliminary Report

Emporium Hamburg


Preliminary Report

Auction 98 — Coins & Medals
from May 02 until 05, 2022

 Auction 99 — Banknotes & Emergency Money
on May 06, 2022

at Störtebeker-Haus, Süderstraße 288, 20537 Hamburg


From May 02 until 06, 2021 the spring Auctions 98 — Coins & Medals and the Auction 99 — Banknotes & Emergency Money will take place at Emporium Hamburg. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, both auctions will take place without a room audience. However, you are cordially invited to follow the auctions online on all five days via our bidding platform Auctionmobility and to bid live against bidders from all over the world. On our website (www. you will find all information about live bidding. We are also happy to accept your bids in writing or by telephone.

Auction viewing of the lots is possible by appointment and in compliance with current hygiene regulations until April 29, 2022. To make an appointment, please contact us at: +49 40 25799-137

The Auction 98 — Coins & Medals offers almost 3,500 lots from antiquity to present. Among the approximately 1,100 high-quality antique pieces, we present, for example, almost 650 Roman and 200 Byzantine coins with a variety of attractive gold coinage. In addition, you will find an extensive selection of World and German States rarities, including many gold and large silver coins as well as coins from the German Empire with multiple rare gold mintings in outstanding condition!

The title piece of the auction is a magnificent example of an extremely rare Ducat 1729 from Lübeck with the titulature of the Habsburg Emperor Karl VI. He visited Lübeck in 1729 to strengthen the existing trade agreements and relationship. To commorate the visit of Karl VI Lübeck minted these rare ducats, which were given exclusively to selected personalities. Thus, these Lübeck ducats belong to extremely sought-after numismatic rarities (lot 2597, estimated price € 14,000.00).

Lot 2597: LÜBECK, TOWN
Ducat 1729 JJJ. With titulatur Emperor Karl VI.
condition: GOLD, attractive piece,
very rare, ef-unc

estimated price: € 14,000.00


The first highlights already appear in the section "Greek Coins" (lot 1-236). Here you should definitely note the exquisite AV Stater of Lysimachus (323-281 BC). The piece was minted posthumously (88-86 BC) under Mithridates VI Eupator (lot 62, estimated price € 1,200.00). Furthermore, you should definitely take a look at the magnificent Tetradrachm of Demetrios III Philopator (95-88 BC), manufactured in Antiochia ad Orontem (lot 198, estimated price € 1,650.00).

Los-Nr. 62 - Emporium Hamburg


Los-Nr. 198 - Emporium Hamburg

Lysimachos (323-281 BC)
AV Stater (88-86 BC), Tomis
Posthomously under Mithridates VI Eupator
condition: GOLD, small cracked flan, ef+/ef
estimated price: € 1,200.00


Demetrios III. Philopator (95-88 BC)
AR Tetradrachm, Antiochia ad Orontem
condition: ef+
estimated price: € 1,650.00


After Greek coins, the extensive section "Roman Coins" (lots 237-877) will be auctioned. Among these, the Sestertius of Emperor Nero (54-68) with a detailed depiction of the Roman port of Ostia deserves special attention (lot 306, estimated price € 7,000.00). Not least because the port of Ostia has been one of the most important excavation sites in the Roman world since its rediscovery in the 19th century. You should also take a closer look at the freshly minted magnificent Argentus of Constantius I (305-306) from Serdica (lot 802, estimate € 1,000.00) as well as the Aureus of Licinius I (308-324), very rare and in splendid condition (lot 822, estimated price € 22,500.00).

    Los-Nr. 822 - Emporium Hamburg

Nero (54-68)
AE Sestertius, Rom
condition: vf-ef
estimated price: € 7,000.00


Constantius I (305-306)
AR Argenteus, Serdica
condition: attractive piece, mint state
estimated price: € 1,000.00


Licinius I (308-324)
AV Aureus 313-314, Serdica
condition: GOLD, very rare, attractive piece,ef-unc
estimated price: € 22,500.00


In the next section we turn to the "Byzantine coins" (lot 878-1095). From the comprehensive selection of about 200 specimens, predominantly solidi, one coin in particular stands out: a very beautifully struck Solidus of the Ostrogothic king Athalarich (526-534) in an NGG slab (lot 1095, estimated price € 1,150.00). 

Los-Nr. 1095 - Emporium Hamburg

Athalarich (526-534)
AV Solidus, Rom
condition: GOLD, small scratches, NGC Ch XF, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5
estimated price: € 1,150.00


The extensive section "Foreign Coins and Medals" (lot 1097-2139) from Afghanistan to Cyprus also promises excitement, consisting of a large number of collections and individual pieces as well as gold coinage from Europe and overseas.
Rigth at the beginning, the Franc a Cheval =Cavalier d'or of Louis II of Maele (1346-1384) is a real highlight for collectors of medieval gold coins. With its above-average condition (NGC MS62), it is a special rarity (lot 1122, estimated price € 3,300.00). In the "China" section (lot 1138-1300), the selection ranges from interesting coins of the time of the Ming and Ching dynasties to numerous gold and silver pieces of the People's Republic. Among them is also an extremely sought-after Tael with roebuck head of the private issues Yunnan, Burma, Laos, 1933-1942 (lot 1193, estimated price € 1,000.00).

 Los-Nr. 1122 - Emporium Hamburg


Los-Nr. 1193 - Emporium Hamburg

Ludwig II from Maele (1346-1384)        
Franc a Cheval =Cavalier d'or n.d.
condition: GOLD, attractive piece,
rare in this condition, NGC MS62
estimated price: € 3,300.00


Lot 1193: CHINA
Privar issues Yunnan, Burma, Laos, 1933-1942
AR Tael n.d. Roebuck head
condition: vf
estimated price: € 1,000.00


Particularly noteworthy is the small but favoured serie "Czechoslovakia" (lot 1935-1946). Among these, especially the well-preserved ducats from the Republic will certainly meet with great interest. Among others, the excellently preserved rarity of a graded 10 Ducat 1934, PCGS MS64, with a mintage of only 1,298 pieces should be noted (lot 1946, estimated price € 28,500.00).

Los-Nr. 1946 - Emporium Hamburg

Republic (1918-1939)
10 Ducats 1934
condition: GOLD, attractive piece, rare, PCGS MS64
estmated price: € 28,500.00


Also noteworthy is a coin from Hungary/Transylvania by George Rakoczi II (1648-1660). The Thaler of 1659 from Nagybanya shows the armoured portrait with fur cap and the crowned family coat of arms (lot 1992, estimated price € 4,000.00). Furthermore, the coins from the "United States of America" (lot 2000-2126) should not be unnoticed, ranging from early Cent pieces to silver Dollars and 20 Dollar St. Gaudens. Particularly worth mentioning here are the 10 Dollars 1801 Philadelphia, Capped Bust / Heraldic Eagle (lot 2094, estimated price € 12,500.00).

 Los-Nr. 1992 - Emporium Hamburg


Los-Nr. 2094 - Emporium Hamburg

Georg Rakoczi II (1648-1660)       
Thaler 1659 n.d., Nagybanya
condition: flan defect, small scratches, ef/ef-unc
estimated price: € 4,000.00


10 Dollars 1801, Philadelphia
condition: GOLD, very rare,
estimated price: € 12,500.00


In the collecting area "Thematic Medals" (lot 2140-2215) we offer diverse selections of different coinages. Whether animal motifs, orders, medals of honour or porcelain medals every interested collector will find something here. For example, the small collection of enamelled badges of the German "Luftsportverband" (DLV) (lot 2179, 11 pieces, estimated price € 1,00.000) and the series of German porcelain medals (lot 2189-2201).

Los-Nr. 2179 - Emporium Hamburg

Enamelled badges of the German "Luftsportverband" (DLV)
in various designs
condition: ef
estimated price: € 1,000.00


In the section "Old German Coins" (lot 2218-2755) you can expect a wealth of high-quality thalers and ducats in attractive condition from the Habsburg and German States. Of particular note is the rare 5 Ducat 1668 from the Archbishopric of Salzburg, Max Gandolph Count Küenburg (1668-1687) (lot 2330, estimated price € 8,750.00). Furthermore, a 1730 Konventionstaler from Brandenburg-Ansbach, minted on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Augsburg Confession, comes under the hammer (lot 2407, estimated price € 3,300.00). Please not miss this splendid specimen of a polished stamps. 

Los-Nr. 2330 - Emporium Hamburg 


Los-Nr. 2407 - Emporium Hamburg

Max Gandolph Graf Küenburg (1668-1687)       
5 Ducats 1668
condition: GOLD, rare, vf
estimated price: € 8,750.00


Karl Wilhelm Friedrich (1729-1757)
Konventionstaler 1730, Schwabach
condition: attractive piece, small scratches,
ef-unc from polished stamp
estimated price: € 3,300.00


Besides a series of Ducats of Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia (1713-1740), the famous soldier-king (lot 2422-2429), you can expect both from Brunswick-Lüneburg / Wolfenbüttel a Reichsthaler 1575, the so-called "Lichttaler" (lot 2475, estimated price € 600.00). Lichttaler (lot 2475, estimated price € 1,600.00), as well as from Johann Georg I (1615-1656) a splendid example of a 10 Ducat 1630 on the 100th anniversary of the Augsburg Confession (lot 2685, estimated price € 75,000.00). In addition, we offer many other interesting and high-quality pieces, which you should take a closer look at.

 Los-Nr. 2475 - Emporium Hamburg


Los-Nr. 2685 - Emporium Hamburg

Julius (1568-1589)      
Reichsthaler 1575. So-called "Lichttaler"
condition: flan defect, ef until unc,
attractive piece
estimated price: € 1,600.00


Lot 2685: SAXONY
Johann Georg I (1615-1656)
10 Ducats 1630, Dresden
condition: GOLD, very rare, ef until unc,
attractive piece
estimated price: € 75,000.00


Also among the section "Germany since 1871" (lot 2880-3076) you will find the usual quality and rarity, such as Bremen 10 Mark 1907 J in condition almost uncirculated (lot 3018, estimated price € 2,100.00) and the rare 10 Mark 1873 B from Hamburg (lot 3019, estimated price € 2,950.00). Another special eye-catcher is the 20 Mark 1892 A from Hesse of Ludwig IV (1877-1892) in almost mint state condition (lot 3033, estimated price € 3,500.00). No less important are Prussia, Wilhelm II (1888-1918), 20 Mark 1915 A with uniform in excellent condition PCGS MS63+ (lot 3061, estimated price € 3,800.00). These coins went to France as reparation payments after World War I and thus were therefore not issued.


Los-Nr. 3018 - Emporium Hamburg   


Los-Nr. 3019 - Emporium Hamburg

Lot 3018: BREMEN
Free Hanseatic City  
10 Mark 1907 J
condition: GOLD, n.unc
estimated price: € 2,100.00


Lot 3019: HAMBURG
Free and Hanseatic City
10 Mark 1873 B
Erhaltung: GOLD, rare, vf-ef
estimated price: € 2,950.00

Los-Nr. 3033 - Emporium Hamburg 


Los-Nr. 3061 - Emporium Hamburg

Lot 3033: HESSE
Ludwig IV (1877-1892)      
20 Mark 1892 A
condition: attractive piece, n.unc
estimated price: € 3,500.00


Lot 3061: PRUSSIA
Wilhelm II (1888-1918)
20 Mark 1915 A. Uniform
condition: GOLD, PCGS MS63+
estimated price: € 3,800.00


The coins of the "Weimar Republic" (lot 3077-3145) open directly with 2 Reichsmark 1927 D (lot 3083, estimated price € 1,950.00). This very rare coin with a total mintage of 466,469 pieces comes to auction in exceptional condition (PCGS MS65). Also noteworthy from the "Nebengebiete" (lot 3157-3233) are the two 25 Gulden 1930 from Danzig in attractive condition NGC MS65 (lot 3159-3160, estimated price € 2,650.00 each).
The "Federal Republic of Germany" (lot 3234-3417) is represented with regular issue coins and an extensive series of attractive euro gold coins. The Auction 98 - Coins & Medals concludes with the collection "German Democratic Republic" (lot 3418-3450) with some 10 and 20 Mark coins, partly originally packed and sealed.

Los-Nr. 3083 - Emporium Hamburg     Los-Nr. 3159 - Emporium Hamburg     Los-Nr. 3160 - Emporium Hamburg

2 Reichsmark 1927 D
condition: attractive piece, very rare, PCGS MS65
estimated price: € 1,950.00


Lot 3159: DANZIG
Free City (1920-1939)
25 Gulden 1930
condition: GOLD, attractive piece, NGC MS65
estimated price: € 2,650.00


Lot 3160: DANZIG
Free City (1920-1939)
25 Gulden 1930
condition: GOLD, attractive piece, NGC MS65
estimated price: € 2,650.00


The Auction 99 — Banknotes & Emergency Money starts on May 06, 2022 and 473 lots from numerous collecting areas will go under the hammer! The offer ranges from rare and sought-after notes to interesting series and inexpensive lots.
For collectors of foreign banknotes the auction starts directly with a high-quality collection of "Chinese Banknotes" (lot 4007-4041), including some notes of provincial and foreign banks. From the "United States of America" (lot 4098-4106) an excellently preserved rarity is auctioned with 5 Dollars ND (1958), Military Payment Certificates (lot 4105, estimated price € 8,000.00).

Los-Nr. 4105 - Emporium-Hamburg

5 Dollars ND (1958), Series 541
condition: very rare, I / estimated price: € 8,000.00


Among the "German Banknotes" (lot 4119-4279) the title piece of our Auction 99 deserves special attention: 50 Deutsche Mark ND of the Bank Deutscher Länder — A highlight you should not miss (lot 4176, estimated price € 6,000.00)!

Los-Nr. 4176 - Emporium Hamburg

50 Deutsche Mark ND (08.1948-30.10.1949), Serie D/A
condtition: I / estimated price: € 6,000.00


Collectors of "Notgeld" (lot 4280-4457) are also offered a selection of specialities. An example is the set Silesia / Wohlau, Paul Tunger, 2 Pfennig - 1 Mark, with 6 notes in the above-average condition I-/II+ (lot 4399, estimated price € 1,000.00). 

Los 4399 - Emporium Hamburg

Paul Tunger. 2, 10, 25, 50, 75 Pfennig, 1 Mark ND
condition: I-/II+ / estimated price: € 1000.00



We, the team of the numismatic department of Emporium Hamburg, are looking forward to an active participation in our Auctions 98 & 99 and are at your disposal for detailed information regarding catalogue ordering, telephone bidding, online live bidding etc. at any time!


Best regards from Hamburg!


Your Numismatic-Team


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