France, Napoleon I. Bonaparte, bronze medal 1800

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Bronze medal 1800
Napoleon I Bonaparte
In memory of the foiled assassination attempt in Milan
Obv.: Bust l.
Rev.: 10 lines of script
Medallist: Henri of Auguste


To this day, his code is the model for French law! His failure in Russia is legendary and his military defeat at Waterloo formed the basis for a worldwide musical hit! Buy a bronze medal of Napoleon I at Emporium Hamburg!

Napoleon I Bonaparte was a French general, emperor and dictator. Because of this he had many enemies. The medal on offer dates from 1800 and was minted by Napoleon on the occasion of a failed assassination attempt in Milan. On 24 December, he was on his way to the opera with his wife when an explosive device detonated behind their carriage. Many people were killed and injured and the part of the street was completely destroyed. To prove his cold-bloodedness, Napoleon nevertheless attended the French premiere of Haydn's "Creation". The attempted assassination would later work to the general's advantage; in 1804, a large proportion of the French voted in favour of conferring the hereditary imperial title on him out of fear for his life.

Additional product information

Origin France
Occasion Assassination attempt in Milan
Grading EF-BU
Material Bronze
Full weight


Literature Julius 857

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