Prussia,silver medal 1822

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Silver medal 1822
Frederick William III (1797-1840)
Medallist: von Loos
For the 25th anniversary of his reign
Av.: Bust l.
Reverse: Standing genius with cornucopia in his left arm, with his right he holds a sacrificial bowl over a flaming altar


His love match with Luise of Mecklenburg is famous and his terse language lived on in the Prussian military. Exclusively at Emporium Hamburg: A silver medal of Frederick William III of Prussia!

Frederick William III had to endure much during his reign. After the defeat against Napoleon I Bonaparte, his country was downgraded from a great power to a middle power and had to accept a great loss of territory. Prussia had virtually collapsed at this point. Modernisation measures were introduced and Prussia slowly regained its status as a great power after the French were driven out in the Wars of Liberation of 1813.

Things went better for Frederick William III in his private life: his marriage to Luise was not only a love match but also produced 10 children. The monarch also favoured a concise way of speaking, often simply omitting personal pronouns. This short style of speech became the model for Prussian military language.

Additional product information

Origin Germany
Occasion 25th anniversary of reign
Grading VF-EF
Material Silver
Full weight


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