France, 50 Francs 1904

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France, 3rd Republic 1871-1940
50 Franc 1904 A
Av: Genius standing, writing constitution, left fasces, right Gallic rooster
Rs: denomination and date in circular wreath


An old acquaintance sends his regards: buy the 5th reissue of the 50 franc in gold!

Its image dates back to the time of the French Revolution, the coin itself saw its reissue in 1904. After 1878, 1887, 1889 and 1900, the 50 francs were minted for the 5th time in 1904. The image did not change in the process. The obverse still shows the standing genius writing the constitution. The genius itself is also a borrowed motiv. Thus, he was already revered in ancient Rome as a guardian spirit. During the French Revolution, his meaning changed somewhat, now he stood for the genius that was attached to the French republican constitution. Another reference to Rome is the fasces. This small bundle of rods was assigned to high officials in Rome and symbolized the magistrates' authority. Also the cock, lat. Gallus, was already considered by the Gauls for combat readiness and vigilance.

Additional product information

Origin France
Mint Paris
Grading MS-63
Material AU
Material Gold
Full weight


Fine weight


Literature Gad.1113, KM 831, Schön 178

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