Sicily, Hieron II of Syracuse, AE 18

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Sicily, Hieron II of Syracuse (269-215 BC), AE 18

Av. head of Hiron II to the left
Rv. Trident of Poseidon



Hieron II. (b. 306 B.C.; † 215 B.C.) was king of Syracuse from 269 to 215 B.C. Because of his seizure of power by a coup d'état, he is also counted among the tyrants who ruled Sicily during the era of the "younger tyranny."

He played an important role, first as an opponent, then as an ally of the Romans, in the First Punic War and in the initial phase of the
Second Punic War. In addition, Hieron II is known for his palace ship Syracusia, which was one of the largest ships of antiquity. It was reportedly far too large for all the ports of the Mediterranean except the port of Alexandria. Hieron later gave it as a gift to King Ptolemy III of Egypt. 


A close confidant of the king was the physicist, mathematician and engineer Archimedes of Syracuse. The latter is considered one of the most important mathematicians of antiquity.



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Origin Ancient Greece
Grading VF
Material AE
Material Bronze
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ca. 6g

Literature BMC 2


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