Asia Minor, Ionia, Phocaea, EL Hekte

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Asia Minor, Ionia, Phocaea, 350-340 B.C., EL Hekte


Female head with laurel wreath, hair in sakkos

Rs.Quadratum incusum quartered in four


The sakkos, the woman's bonnet, was worn in Greece in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. 



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Origin Ancient Greece
Grading VF
Material Gold
Full weight

ca. 2.53 g

Avers Laureated feminine head r. with sakkos.
Revers Quadrisected quadratum incusum
Literature Bodenstedt 102


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Greece, Macedonia, AR Tetradrachma Greece, Macedonia, AR Tetradrachma
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Byzantium, Heraclius, AV Solidus Byzantium, Heraclius, AV Solidus
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