Roman Empire, Severina, AE As

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Roman Empire, Severina, +275, AE As

Obv.Drap. bust with diadem r.

Rev.Iuno standing with scpetre and patera, by her side a peacock



Ulpia Severina was the wife of the Roman Emperor Aurelian, who reigned from 270 to 275. 
Severina is not mentioned by any historian, at least there are no literary sources available to date, but her existence is attested by coins, which also suggest that she ruled in her own name after Aurelian's death until Tacitus' elevation to emperor.

It is possible that Ulpia Severina was a daughter of the emperor Philippus Arabs and his wife Otacilia Severa. A descent from Emperor Trajan (98-117), who like Ulpia Severina was descended from the gens Ulpia, is rather unlikely. 



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Origin Roman Empire
Mint Rome
Grading a VF
Material Bronze
Full weight


Literature RIC 7; Kampm.107.8

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