Roman Empire, Magnus Maximus, AE Maiorina

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Roman Empire, Magnus Maximus, 383-388, AE Maiorina, TCON =Arelate

Obv.: Diad. bust r.

Rev.: REPARATIO REI PVB, Tyche kneeling in front of emperor standing l.


Religion was his undoing - add a Maiorina to your collection of Roman coins!

Magnus Maximus was emperor in the west of the Roman Empire from 383 until his death. Proclaimed Augustus by his troops in the spring of 383, he leads his army into Gaul and Spain. Encouraged by the recognition of Valentinianus II's mother and Theodosius I, Magnus Maximus administered Britain and Gaul with a hard hand. He even succeeded in ousting Valentinianus II from Italy when the latter was driven out of the capital by the followers of the Bishop of Milan and Ambrose.  Ultimately, Magnus Maximus was doomed by his intransigent attitude towards Othodox Christianity. When he tried to prevent Ambrose's followers from infecting a synagogue, it cost him his support. In the course of this, Ambrose helped Theodosius I, who was approaching from the east. Magnus Maximus had to flee and surrendered in Aquileia. A little later he was beheaded.


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Origin Roman Empire
Grading VF
Material Bronze
Full weight


Literature RIC 26a; Kamp.162.12.2


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