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This year's Autumn Auction 104 "Coins & Medals" is arguably one of the largest auctions ever hosted by Emporium Hamburg. 3999 lots will be offered for auction from November 20th to 24th, 2023. As a result, the banknote auction, which typically follows the coin auction seamlessly, is expected to be postponed until the end of the year.

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The first highlights of the auction can be found in the Antiquities section, featuring a diverse selection of rainbow cups (Lots 1-7) and East Celtic tetradrachms (Lots 34-35), Sasanian dinars (Lots 170-171), and select specimens of Roman emperors, such as a rare aureus of the first Roman emperor Augustus (Lot 274) or 1 ½ scripula of Constantine the Great (Lot 629).


Los 34 Tetradrachme Baumreiter - Emporium Hamburg      Los 274      Los 629 - Emporium Hamburg

AR Tetradrachm "Baumreiter" type (2nd-1st cent. BC)
Grading: Attr. piece, ef+

Estimate: € 2,650


Augustus, AV Aureus (Colonia Patricia?)
Grading: Gold, rare, UNC
Estimate: € 22,000


Constantin the Great, AV 1 1/2 Scripula (312-313), Ostia
Grading: Gold, exceptional, very rare, ef
Estimate: € 45,000


Following this, we eagerly continue our South American collections from the spring: Bolivia (Lots 717-755), Brazil (Lots 756-781), Ecuador (Lots 868-870), Colombia (Lots 1074-1079), and nearly 300 lots from Peru (Lots 1183-1453). Among them are partly overstruck coins from the colonial era as well as specimens from the time of independence.


Los 780 - Emporium Hamburg


Los-Nr. 1189 - Emporium Hamburg

  Los-Nr. 1334- Emporium Hamburg

Lot 780: BRAZIL
4000 Reis 1900. 400 years since Cabral's discovery
Grading: Small edge nicks, ef
Estimate: € 350


Lot 1189: PERU
Ferdinand VI, 8 Reales 1752 LM J, Lima
Grading: rare, vf
Estimate: € 460

     Lot 1334: PERU
Republic since 1821. 4 Escudos 1855 MB, Lima
Erhaltung: Gold, vf /nearly vf
Estimate: € 700


The catalog then takes us beyond the Panama Canal to the north: Impressive individual pieces from Mexico (Lots 1096-1133) and the United States of America (Lots 1749-1933) will cross the auction table, be they cents, dollars, or tokens. Particularly noteworthy are the extremely rare Humbert 50 Dollars 1851, whose reverse, as expected, features a target pattern (Lot 1927). Also deserving not just one but two looks is the Lincoln Cent 1955 DDO (Doubled-Die Obverse) (Lot 1789). This is the best-known Lincoln Cent, with its legend and date doubly struck due to a faulty die.

Los 1789 - Emporium Hamburg     Los 1927 - Emporium Hamburg

1 Cent 1955 DDO
Grading: very rare, PCGS Genuine, Cleaned, UNC Details, DDO
Estimate: € 1,100


Humbert 50 Dollars 1851, United States Assay Office of Gold
Grading: extremly rare, vf
Estimate: € 24,000


In the "World Coins" section, there are extensive collections from France, Russia, and Spain. A numismatic journey through history awaits in Poland, featuring the Thaler of Sigismund III from 1628 (Lot 1461), 6 Groschen featuring Stanislaus August from 1765 (Lot 1524), and more recent pieces from the Republic up to the city of Gdansk. The numerous medals in this section bring history to life.

Los-Nr. 1461 - Emporium Hamburg      Los 1524 - Emporium Hamburg

Lot 1461: POLAND
Sigismund III, Thaler 1628 II, Bromberg
Grading: traces of mounting, vf
Estimate: € 700


Lot 1524: POLAND / THORN
6 Groschen 1765 SB, Thorn. Featuring Stanislaus August.
Grading: very rare, very fine
Estimate: € 1,500


One exceptional auction lot sparked numerous internal discussions about the Gauls and their cultural significance: from the French Asterix series, the faithful companion Dogmatix (Idefix) in proof finish is awaiting its next owner under lot number 973. The commemorative coin was issued last year in 2022 and had a mintage of only 250 pieces.

 Los-Nr. 973- Emporium Hamburg

Lot 973: FRANCE
200 Euro 2022, Asterix Series: Dogmatix (Idefix)
Grading: Gold, Proof Finish
Estimate: € 2,450


The headline piece of the auction shines not only because of its preservation: the superb specimen of 100 Francs 1925 B from Switzerland has been graded by PCGS as MS-66. The Helvetia against the mountain backdrop gleams under lot number 1595, true to the inscription on the coin's edge: "DOMINUS PROVIDEBIT" (translated as "The Lord will provide").

Los-Nr. 1595 - Emporium Hamburg

100 Franken 1925 B
Grading: Gold, PCGS MS-66
Estimate: € 25,000


From Germany, lot number 2327 highlights a pivotal moment in Hamburg's history: The Gold Portugaloser for 10 Dukats from 1863 by Speckter/Lorenz commemorates the inauguration of St. Nicholas Church after the Great Fire of Hamburg. The Great Fire began on May 5, 1842, and raged for four days in the city. Several major buildings were destroyed by the fire, including the Town Hall, the Bank, the Archive, the Old Stock Exchange, and three churches, including St. Nicholas Church. Approximately a quarter of the city lay in ruins, and about 20,000 people were left homeless. The foundation stone for the new St. Nicholas Church was laid in 1846, and the consecration took place in 1863. The new construction was completed in 1874 with the inauguration of the tower.

Los-Nr. 2327 - Emporium Hamburg

Gold Portuguese 10 Dukaten 1863 by Speckter/Lorenz for the inauguration of St. Nicholas Church after reconstruction.
Erhaltung: Gold, small rim fault, small scratches, ef-unc
Estimate: € 2,600


Starting with Old Germany, through the Empire and the Weimar Republic, the catalog in the German Territories section gradually approaches the present day, culminating in the familiar Euro. The big day of the currency change is represented here by the issue of the 200 Euro in gold for the introduction of the Euro on January 1, 2002, in the remarkable grade NGC MS 69 (Lot 3946). The Euro was introduced as cash not only in Germany but also in eleven other European countries on that date, marking one of the most significant numismatic events in recent years.

Los-Nr. 2206 - Emporium Hamburg      Los 2429 - Emporium Hamburg      Los 2487- Emporium Hamburg

Karl Wilhelm Friedrich, Falkentaler undated (ca. 1755), Schwabach
Grading: very rare, fine scratches, attrative ef+
Estimate: € 1,000

Dukat 1790 by Werner.
Grading: beautiful gold patina, fine scratches, ef
Estimate: € 3,000
Wide Dukat, undated (1745-1765) by J. L. Oexlein with title Franz I
Grading: superb specimen with fine gold patina, fine scratches, nearly unc
Estimate: € 3,000


Los-Nr. 3274 - Emporium Hamburg      Los 3943 - Emporium Hamburg      Los 3946 - Emporium Hamburg

Lot 3274: BAVARIA
Ludwig III, 3 Mark 1918 D. Bavarian Wedding. Later strike from the original dies with certificate
Grading: very rare, nearly unc
Estimate: € 32,000

  Lot 3943: GERMANY
5 DM 1979 G. 100th birthday of Otto Hahn
Grading: very rare, unc
Estimate: € 9,000
  Lot 3946: GERMANY
200 Euro 2002 J. Introduction of the Euro
Grading: NGC MS69
Estimate: € 2,300


We, the team of the numismatic department of Emporium Hamburg, are looking forward to an active participation in our Auction 104 and are at your disposal for detailed information regarding catalogue ordering, telephone bidding, online live bidding etc. at any time!


Best regards from Hamburg!


Your Numismatic-Team


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