Roman Empire, Otacilia Severa, AR Antoninianus

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Roman Empire, Otacilia Severa, +249, AR Antoninianus

Obv.Drap. bust r.

Rev.Of varying types


Marcia Otacilia Severa was the wife of the Roman Emperor Philip Arabs (244-249).

Otacilia was probably the sister of a governor of Macedonia and both Mösias named Severianus.

She married Philippus while he was still an officer in the cavalry under Emperor Gordian III.

In 237 their son Marcus Iulius Severus was born, who was elevated to Caesar in 244 and Augustus (nominally co-emperor with equal rights) in 247 (Philippus II).

Otacilia had a daughter named Severina, who is possibly identical with Ulpia Severina, the wife of the later Emperor Aurelian (270-275).

Otacilia received the title Augusta, which is attested for her in Rome from July 244, probably immediately after the elevation of Philippus Arabs to emperor at the beginning of 244.

In the same year she was also given the honorary title mater castrorum. From 245 at the latest, she also had the honorary titles mater senatus and mater patriae



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