Roman Empire, Julia Mamaea, AR Denarius

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Roman Empire, Julia Mamaea, +235, AR Denarius

Obv.Drap. bust r.

Rev.Of varying types



Julia Avita Mamaea († March 235 near Mogontiacum)

She was the mother of the Roman Emperor Severus Alexander, who ruled from 222 to 235.
Initially she was de facto regent because of her son's youthful age, but even after he reached adulthood she remained the dominant figure at court.

Her position of power was precarious, however, as she was unable to gain authority with either the praetorians or the army. Finally, Alexander and Mamaea were murdered in a soldier's revolt during a Germanic campaign. The Severan dynasty thus came to an end.

The era of the soldier emperors followed. 


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Origin Roman Empire
Grading VF
Additional specifications Box & Certificate
Material Silver
Full weight


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