Saxony, John George I, Thaler 1631

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Reichsthaler 1631 HI
John George I, 1615-1656
Av.: Armored hip portrait right
Rs.: Sixfold helmeted coat of arms




Johann Georg I (1585-1656) was the second son of the Elector Christian I of Saxony and his wife Princess Sophie of Brandenburg. In 1604 he married Princess Sybille Elisabeth of Württemberg, but she died with her child at the birth of their first child in 1607. In his second marriage he married Princess Magdalena Sibylle of Prussia, with whom he had seven children who reached adulthood.

In 1611 he took over the government of Electoral Saxony from his brother Christian II, who had died childless.

He spent a lot of time at the negotiating table and in the field, as his reign coincided with the increasingly fierce conflict between Protestants and Catholics, which ultimately culminated in the Thirty Years' War.

In the beginning, he always strove for neutrality, but in the course of the war he initially sided with the Protestants. After the Peace of Prague in 1635, he switched to the side of the Catholics and was able to make significant territorial gains.

Johann Georg was a booze-loving and hunting-loving ruler. His predilections earned him the derisive name "Bierjörge" (Beer Jester) and ensured that Saxony's coffers were always empty.

Thus the prince repeatedly came into conflict with his estates.




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Origin Roman German Empire
Grading a EF
Material AG
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature Dav.7601; Schnee 845

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