Roman Empire, Clodius Albinus, AR Denarius

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Roman Empire
AR Denarius COS II = 195
Clodius Albinus 195-197
Av.: Belorb. Bust right
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Betrayal, murder and manslaughter - buy one of the first denarius of a betrayed emperor! Graded by NGC!

How quickly alliances could change in ancient Rome is shown by the story of Clodius Albinus, who was Roman emperor from 195-197. Through a long career in the military, he had risen to the position of legate of Britain and thus possessed command over several legions.  After the death of Commodus, he was considered one of the contenders for the titel of Roman emperor. In order to eliminate the dangerous rival, Septimus Severus offered him cooperation. Septimus appointed Clodius Albinus to Caeser and thus his deputy and potential successor. After the victory over the rival Pescennius Niger, the cooperation lapsed. Septimus had his former ally declared enemy of the state in 195 and appointed his son Caracalla as Caeser. Thereupon Clodius Albinus had himself proclaimed Augustus by his troops The offered coin dates from the period shortly after the imperial proclamation. Clodius Albinus invaded Gaul with his army. On February 19, 197 he was defeated by the troops of Septimus Severus at Lugdunum and died on the run.

Additional product information

Origin Roman Empire
Mint Lugdnum
Grading VF-EF
Material AG
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature Seaby 60d, RIC 33ff

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