Roman Empire, Julia Domna, AR Denarius

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Roman Empire, Julia Domna, 170-217, AR Denarius, 211, Rome

Coinage of Caracalla in reverence of his mother

Drap.bust r.

Rv.Seated Julia Domna l.



Julia Domna († spring 217 in Antiocheia)

She was the second wife of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus (193-211) and the mother of the emperors Caracalla (211-217) and Geta (co-ruler 211).

Julia Domna came from Syria. After the death of her husband, she was unable to prevent the power struggle between her two sons. Caracalla used her willingness to mediate to lure his brother into a trap; during a pretended reconciliation meeting he had Geta murdered in Julia's presence.

Under Caracalla's subsequent autocratic rule she continued to be highly honoured; even during her lifetime she was worshipped like a goddess.

After Caracalla fell victim to an assassination attempt on 8 April 217, she chose voluntary death by starvation. 


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Origin Roman Empire
Mint Rome
Grading EF
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature RIC 381

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