Ancient silver: Precious set of 3 coins

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Ancient Silver: Precious Set of 3 Coins

This set contains three historical silver coins consisting of different denominations of antiquity. Incl. box & certificate !


The offer consists of:


1. One Drachma, Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), ca. 17mm, ca. 4.20g, ss.
Av. head of Heracles in lion's scalp
Rv. Zeus on throne with eagle and sceptre


2. One AR Denarius, Trajan (98-117), ca.18mm, ca. 3,20g, ss
Av. laurel bust right
Rv. Various reverses


3. One AR Antoninianus, Philippus Arabs (244-249), ca. 24mm, ca. 4.20g, ss-vz
Av. bust with radiate crown to right
Rv. Various types


Please note: You order the respective coin type in comparable condition, as each coin is unique and was struck by hand. Upon request, we will send you current photos of the coins to be purchased. Please do not hesitate to contact us.




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Grading VF
Additional specifications Incl. box & certificate
Material Silver


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Greece, Thrace, Lysimachus, AV Stater Greece, Thrace, Lysimachus, AV Stater
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