medieval silver coins (Set of 2), 1025th Anniversary of the Coronation of Otto III.

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Exclusive Set of 2 - Silver Coins of the Middle Ages -
1025th anniversary of the coronation of Otto III. (996-1002) from the royal mint of Speyer and made of genuine Harz silver.


The set of 2 consists of:


1. Saxon penny made of genuine Harz silver
Obv.: cross with balls in high rim (numerous variations of Obv. and Rev. possible)
Rev.: Wedge cross in high rim

Minting period: 10th-11th century, approx. 12-13mm, approx. 1,00g


2. Denarius from Speyer
Obv.: church in pearl circle, therein cross
Rev.: Cross with thick spheres in the angles

Prägezeitraum: 983-1002, ca. 12-14mm, ca. 1,53g



The Middle Ages still fascinate many people. Especially the fortified castles, the numerous wars and epidemics are synonyms for this very eventful time. 

In the 10th and 11th centuries, the Ottonians provided the first Roman-German emperor with Otto I (912-973). His grandson Otto III. (980-1002) consolidated this rank through several stays in Italy. During the reign of Otto III, many German cities developed as large trading centres, in which the denarius and the pfennig were the most common denominations.

The Saxon pfennig - made of genuine Harz silver, represents the most famous coin of the Middle Ages along with the so-called Otto nobility pfennig. This penny represents the means of payment of the time of Widukind of Corvey (925 -935), who was a very famous Saxon scribe of that time and wrote the so-called "Saxon History". 

Get these two medieval trade coins now and experience a real piece of German history!

Maybe the emperor himself has held your coins in his hands ?  


  • Made of genuine Harz silver
  • Early Christian symbolism on obverse and reverseAll coins in top condition
  • Unique - each coin struck by hand
  • Delivery incl. noble case & certificate



Additional product information

Origin Germany
Grading VF
Additional specifications incl. box & certificate
Material Silver

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