Roman Empire, Maximinus II, AE Follis

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Roman Empire,
AE Follis
Maximinus II, as Caesar, 305-308
Obv.: Belorb. Bust r. Maximinus II.

Rev.: Mars, helmeted, striding right, nude except for floating chlamys, holding cross spear and trophy over left shoulder in right hand, r in left field, MKV in exergue



To weaken Christianity, he did not shy away from document forgery: Maximinus II Buy a follis of the last Roman emperor, who was dubbed Pharaoh.

Gaius Galerius Valerius Maximinus was a Roman emperor. At first he was subordinate co-emperor in the second tetrarchy from 305. The coin on offer dates from this period.  Later, the adopted son of emperor Galerius Valerius was to rise even further. From the fifth tetrarchy from May 311 he ruled until his death as the longest serving Augustus. Although the emperor was forced by an edict of tolerance in 311 to make concessions to the Christians, at the same time he tried to consolidate paganism through various actions. Thus he had Pilate's court records of Jesus' trial falsified.

He is the last Roman emperor to be titled and listed as Pharaoh in the Egyptian royal lists.


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