Italy, Calabria, Town of Taras, AR Stater

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Italy, Calabria, City of Taras, AR Stater (302-281 BC)

Obv.: naked rider, wreathed horse with laurel branch
Rev.: Taras on dolphin


Buy a coin full of legends from the city of Taras (Taranto)!


Taras, a figure from Greek mythology and a son of Poseidon and the nymph Satyria.

According to legend, he was the founder of the Greek settlement of Taras (Tarentum, now Taranto), a later leading power of Magna Graecia. A dolphin appeared to Taras during a sacrifice to Poseidon, which he interpreted as a good omen and as encouragement to found a city.

Consequently, on the coin of the ancient city of Taras, the son of Poseidon is depicted riding a dolphin. This image can still be found today on the coat of arms of the city of Taranto. 

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Origin Ancient Greece
Grading VF
Material Silver
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