Syria, AR Tetradrachm, Antiochos I

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AR Tetradrachm
Antiochos I Soter (280-261 BC)
Obv.: Diad. older face
Rev.: Apollo seated on omphalos with spear and bow, monogram in field


After the "Elephant Battle" he received the nickname "Soter": Antiochos I, Strike now and acquire a tetradrachm of the founder of the Seleucid ruling culture!

Antiochos I was king of Syria from 280-261 BC. Early on he was co-ruler with his father Seleucus I, who ceded his wife Stratonike to him. In the course of the Syrian War of Succession he ceded Antioch to Antigonos Gonatas. In 275 BC he defeated the Celts who had invaded Asia Minor in the "Battle of the Elephants", and settled the survivors in Greater Phrygia. Nevertheless, Antiochos was unable to conquer the southern part of Syria in the First Syrian War. After the execution of his eldest son Seleucus in 268 BC, he appointed his younger son Antiochos as co-regent. Antiochos I died after the Battle of Sardis, in which he was defeated by Eumenes.



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Origin Syria
Grading VF-EF
Material Silver
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