Syria, Seleucus II Callinicus, AR Tetradrachm

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AR tetradrachm
Seleucus II Kallinikos (246-226 BC)
Obv.: Diad. Head right
Rev.: Apollo with arrow supported on tripod


His epithet means "The Triumphant", in real life he could claim only a few victories. Buy a tetradrachm of Seleucus II.

Under him began in the east and west the splintering of the peripheral areas of the Seleucid Empire. Even though he was able to hold his own against Ptolemy III in the Laodicean War, the ruler suffered considerable territorial losses. Even his own family fought against him and so Seleucus was defeated by Antiochos in the fratricidal war. Antiochos was later defeated in Mesopotamia by Seleucus' commanders. In 226 the king died in a fall from his horse.


Additional product information

Origin Ancient Greece
Denomination AR tetradrachm
Grading VF+
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature Sear 6896; BMC 4.16.1

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