Roman Empire, Nero, AV Aureus

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Roman Empire,
AV Aureus (64-65)
Nero, 54-68
Av.: Belorb. Bust right
Rs.: Jupiter enthroned left with scepter and thunderbundle



Exlusiv at Emporium: The AV Aureus of Emperor Nero. Minted for only one year!

It is a survivor of the "Great Fire" and its mint master is said to have caused it. Even though today it is clearly proven that Emperor Nero did not play lyre on his balcony during the Great Fire, which destroyed three districts of Rome, this legend persists to this day. Especially since it cannot be completely ruled out that Nero may have commissioned it in order to make room for his new palace. The emperor himself quickly identified a culprit for the catastrophe: the Christians, whom he subsequently had arrested and often punished with cruel death sentences.



Additional product information

Origin Roman Empire
Mint Alexandria
Grading a F/VF
Material AU
Material Gold
Full weight


Literature RIC 52, Kampm. 14.9

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