Byzantium, Anastasius I, AV Solidus

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Byzantine Empire, Anastasius I, 491-518, AV Solidus

Obv.Diademed, helmeted  and cuirassed bust of the emperor, spear over shoulder

Rev.Standing angel l. with long cross



Anastasios I (* c. 430 in Dyrrachium; † 9/10 July 518 in Constantinople).

He was (Eastern) Roman Emperor from 491 to 518.

He came to the throne only as an older man, but during his nevertheless long reign had a very stabilising effect on his empire administratively, financially and militarily.
However, serious conflicts arose in the area of religious policy.

Anastasios pursued an overall successful financial and economic policy and stabilised the shaken position of the empire despite many a crisis. Although he suffered some defeats in foreign policy (especially in the Balkans and in the war against the Sassanids, against whom he was only able to hold his own after suffering heavy setbacks) and largely left the former Western Roman area to its own devices, he was nevertheless ultimately able to defend the borders of the Eastern Empire.

Anastasios was the last Roman emperor to use the titles pontifex and pater patriae, and also the last to be called divus after his death.

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Origin Byzantine Empire
Mint Constantinople
Grading VF
Additional specifications Box & Certificate
Material Gold
Full weight


Literature Sommer 1.2-1.4; Sear 3-5; MIBE 4-7


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