Ancient Silkroad: Set of 7 Coins

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This set contains seven coins of countries along the Silk Road:


Cappadocia (Turkeyi), Ariobzarnes I., Drachm, 95-63 BC, ca. 17mm, ca. 4,50g, vf

Av. Diademed bust to the right

Rv. Athena standing to the left, holding small Victory, shield & spear


Kushan Empire (Central Asia), Soter Megas, Tetradrachm, 55-105 AD, ca. 21mm, ca. 8,50g, vf

Av. Diademed bust to the right, holding spear

Rv. King on horseback, Tamgha on the right 


Persia (Western Satraps), var. rulers, Drachm, 2nd-4th cent. AD, ca. 12mm, ca. 2,10g, vf

Av. Ruler‘s bust to the right

Rv. Mountain symbol between moon and sun


East-Rome / Constantinople, Constantine the Great, Follis, 306-337 AD, ca. 20mm, ca. 4,50g, ef-

Obv. Laureate, draped, cuirassed bust facing right

Rv. Sol standing left, holding globe, right hand raised, chlamys across left shoulder  


China / Tang Dynasty, Emperor Kao Tsu, AE Cash, 618-626 AD, ca. 22mm, ca. 2,98g, vf

Tang Dynasty (618-907)

1st Emperor Kao Tsu (618-626), era of Wu T’e (K’ai Yüan)


India / Shahi Kings, Samanta Deva, AR Jital, 850-970 AD, ca. 16mm, ca. 4,20g, vf

Av. King on horseback, with spear

Rv. Cow


Indo-Sassanians / Iraq, Saurashtra and Gujarat, AR Drachm, 950-1050 AD, ca. 21mm, ca. 8,50g, vf

Av. Stylized ruler‘s bust

Rv. Stylized fire altar


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