Archbishopric Magdeburg, set of 2 Brakteat N.D.

Product no.: Erzbistum Magdeburg, 2er Set Brakteat

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Archbishopric of Magdeburg, set of 2 bracteates without year.
Obv.: Standing bust of the archbishop with crosier and cross staff between two domed towers


Set consists of:

Bracteate without year, Burkhardt von Woldenberg (1232-1235)
Bracteate without year, Wilbrand von Käfernburg (1235-1254)


Expand your collection of ecclesiastical bracteates with the Magdeburg coinage! For the first time in one set and only exclusively at Emporium: The coins of the Archbishops of Magdeburg!

Burkhardt von Woldenberg hardly left a mark during his two-year term of office. He was elected provost of the cathedral in 1232 after the death of Albrecht I von Käfernburg and confirmed by the Pope in 1233. However, his early death prevented him from being consecrated by the bishops of Merseburg and Meissen. He died during a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in Constantinople. His burial place is still unknown today.

Wilbrand von Käfernburg succeeded Burkhardt von Woldenberg, who died young, as Archbishop of Magdeburg in 1235 and was personally consecrated bishop by the Pope in the same year. Although he did not actively intervene in imperial politics, his reign was characterised by disputes with the Ascanian market count of Brandenburg. During an invasion of the Altmark, Wilbrand was seriously injured and only narrowly escaped capture. The last years of his reign were quieter and after his death, the former archbishop was buried in the southern cross arm of Magdeburg Cathedral.

Additional product information

Origin Roman German Empire
Grading VF
Additional specifications in capsule, in cassette
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature Mehl 505/Bonh.704

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