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We would like to announce our upcoming Auction 93 – Coins & Medals as well as Auction 94 – Banknotes Special.

Our Floor Auctions take place from May 04-06, 2021, Störtebeker-Haus, Süderst. 288 in 20537 Hamburg, Germany.


The catalogues from our Auction 93 — Coins & Medals as well as Auction 94 — Banknotes Special are online.

You can place your bids via our auction portal and the app as well as via our partner sites Sixbid and Numisbids.



Auction 93 & 94

Auctioneer: Achim Becker
Representatives: Dr. Josef Fischer, Marc Niehsen M.A.

Auction 93 – Coins & Medals


    May 04, 2021



    Starting at 8:30 AM

    Lunch break in between


Lots           1      -      1060



Ancient Coins, World Coins until Panama



    May 05, 2021



    Starting at 8:30 AM

    Lunch break in between


Lots    1061      -      2140



World Coins from Peru, Medals, Middle Ages, German States until Ruhla,



    May 06, 2021



     Starting at 8:30 AM

    Lunch break in between


Lots    2141      -      3205



German Coins from Saxoy, German Coins 1800-1871, German Empire
Silver and Gold, Republic of Weimar, Third Reich, Dependencies, FRG,

GDR, Literature, Trials and Errors


Auction 94 – Banknotes Special


    May 07, 2021



   Starting at 08:30 AM

Lots    4000      -      4342

World Paper Money, Germany since 1871, Emergency Money,
Historical Stocks, Documents


Written bids ans email/fax as well as phone bids must be                               Auction lots may be viewed at our office from March 29 until
received by April 30, 2021. Bids received at a later point                                 April 30, 2021, by prior appointment (+49 40 25799-137)
in time will only be accepted with reservation                                    




You will find the list of results of the Floor Auctions 91 & 92 here.

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