Württemberg, Wilhelm I, 1/2 Gulden 1862

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Württemberg, Wilhelm I, (1816-1864), ½ Gulden 1862

Obv.: Head of Wilhelm I

Rs.: ½ Gulden in an oak wreath, year


He led Württemberg through the "year without summer": King Wilhelm I. Acquire a half gulden from 1862!

Due to differences with his father, his first official act was to change his name: Wilhelm Friedrich Karl became the short name Wilhelm. The king took over the government affairs in challenging times; his first year of reign was marked by crop failures and famine, later known as the "year without summer". Wilhelm also pursued many reforms; during his 48-year reign, Württemberg transformed from a heterogeneous agrarian state to a well-organized constitutional state. As one of the German monarchs, Wilhelm found himself compelled to recognize the Imperial Constitution of 1848. However, a moderate scandal arose only after his death: In his will, he did not mention his third wife Pauline, while his two mistresses received pensions."

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Origin Germany
Grading BU
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature AKS 86, J.69

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