Thrace, city of Olbia, AR Drachme, Koson

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Thrace, city of Olbia,
AR drachma (mid-1st century BC).
Obv.: Bust of Artemis on Macedonian shield right.
Rev.: oak crown with inscription and club, lightning bundle left.


More unknown than its namesake, but no less valuable! Emporium Hamburg presents: The silver Koson drachm after Macodonian influence!

The original tetradrachm was minted in Amphipolis, shortly after its incorporation into the Roman Empire as a province. About 100 years later, the mint masters took it as a model and created a slightly modified version.  The name "DROUEIS" refers to the tribal affiliation of Koson. Minted around the time of the Roman Civil War, Iulius Caesar and his assassination.





Additional product information

Origin Ancient Greece
Grading EF
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature RPC-, F-Boss Typ A

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