Macedonia, Philipp II, AR Terobol

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AR Terobol
Philip II 359-336 BC
Av.: youth's head with taenia
Rs.: Rider on mounted horse r.


Acquire a coin from the father of Alexander the Great!

Philip II of Macedonia is best known as the father of Alexander the Great. At the same time, Philip was not idle as a ruler. Thus, he managed to stabilize the Macedonian kingdom, which was on the verge of collapse when he ascended the throne. In addition, he helped the Macedonian army to success through far-reaching military reforms and thus formed a powerful army. Alexander was later to benefit from this and from Macedonian siege methods. The Macedonian king had a tense relationship with his famous son until his assassination.

Horses are often seen on the coins of Philip II. This has two reasons: Macedonia has always been known for its strong cavalry, moreover, Philip won in the Olympic Games in 356 BC in a horse-drawn chariot. The offered coin places itself in this panhellenistic tradition.





Additional product information

Origin Ancient Greece
Grading VF+
Material AG
Material Silver
Full weight

2,3 g

Literature Sear 6689, SNG Cop.570ff.

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