Russia, 20 Kopecks 1870

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20 kopecks 1870
Alexander II 1855-1881
St. Petersburg
Av: coat of arms (eagle)
Rs: denomination


Buy the kopeks of a reformer who met a tragic death!

He received the nickname "Tsar Liberator" during his lifetime: Alexander II. As Tsar of Russia, he abolished serfdom in the course of the "Great Reforms" and comprehensively modernized the country. The coin offered is from the year of the reform of the city government. The tsar was not idle in foreign policy either. Thus, in 1873, he concluded the Three Emperors' Agreement with Germany and Austria-Hungary. Alexander II was finally assassinated by a grenade in 1881. This assassination was preceded a few minutes earlier by another, which, however, the tsar survived unharmed.

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Origin Russia
Grading BU
Material AG
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature Bitkin 218

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