Slavonia, Ban Stefan Babonic, Bagatino

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Andreas III (1290-1301)
Bagatino o. J.
Ban Stefan Babonic (1299-1300)
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Buy a rare coin of the last Arpadian ruler! Minted only two years!

Andreas III, called the Venetian, was the last Apostolic King of Hungary and Croatia from the Arpadian dynasty from 1290 to 1301. The king, who never really felt at home in his own country, was far ahead of many of his contemporaries. Thus, as early as 1291, he granted the city of Preßburg a charter of freedom, in which it was granted city rights. The coin on offer dates from his last years in power and was minted under Ban Stefan Babonic, his governor for the Slavonia region from 1299-1300. Although kept simple, the bagatino is very rare.

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Origin Croatia
Grading VF
Additional specifications really rare
Material AG
Material Silver
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0.20 g

Literature Rengjeo 207

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