Asia Minor, Ionia, Teos, city, AR Diobol

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Asia Minor/Ionia
City Teos
AR Diobol
3rd-2nd century B.C.
Av.: seated griffin to r.
Rs.: lyre


A coin in great condition from the ancient city that many fought over!

Coins from Teos are sought after - and they were already in 300 BC. Many kings, such as the Macedonian ruler Antigonos I Monophtahlmos, tried to gain control of the city, some, like his rival Lysimachus, were successful. But the city also survived raids by mercenary troops like in 287-283 BC. Possibly this coin was already minted as part of the ransom money of the time! Later, the Seleucid kings exercised influence over the city. The influence of the fine arts is also noticeable, so on the coin you can see the griffin and the lyre.

Additional product information

Origin Ancient Greece
Grading VF-EF
Material AG
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature SNG Cop.1465var

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