Weimar Republic, 5 Reichsmark 1932 A

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On the 100th anniversary of Goethe's death. Mined oly one year!

Weimar Republic
5 Reichsmark 1932 A
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Johann Wolfgang Goethe, from 1782 von Goethe (1749-1832), was a German poet and naturalist. His literary works include poetry, drama, epic poetry, autobiographical, art and literary theory, and natural science writings. He is considered one of the most important creators of German-language poetry.

At his father's request, Goethe first studied law and worked as a lawyer in Wetzlar. Along the way, he followed his inclination for poetry. As a writer, he received great acclaim in 1773 for "Goetz von Berlichingen" and in 1774 for the epistolary novel "Die Leides des jungen Werthers. The latter also brought Goethe international fame. At the age of 26, he was invited to the court of Weimar, where he eventually settled for the rest of his life. As a friend and minister of Duke Carl August, the poet assumed political and administrative offices. He also directed the court theater in Weimar. In 1832, Goethe died in Weimar with what are said to be his last words, "More light!"

During the Weimar Republic, Goethe was invoked as the intellectual foundation of the new state. In 1919, for example, Friedrich Ebert, who later became president of the German Republic, proclaimed that social problems should be dealt with in the same spirit as Goethe had done in the second part of "Faust" and in "Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre. This "spirit of Weimar" was to represent a contrast to the "spirit of Potsdam," which was believed to have been overcome. However, the practical implementation of this avowal failed to materialize. Instead, the political left criticized the cult of genius surrounding Goethe, and even well-known greats such as Bertolt Brecht were critical of this idealized notion. However, there were also important writers, such as Hermann Hesse, Thomas Mann and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, who countered the left's scolding of the classics with a positive image of Goethe.

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Origin Germany
Occasion On the 100th anniversary of Goethe's death
Mint Berlin
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