The Electorate of Hesse (also known as Hesse-Kassel) was a state elevated by Napoleon in 1803 from the Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel. When the Holy Roman Empire was abolished in 1806, the Prince-elector chose to remain an Elector, even without an Emperor to be elected. In 1807, with the Treaties of Tilsit the area was annexed to the Kingdom of Westphalia, but in 1814 the Congress of Vienna restored it, under its previous name. The state, consisting of several detached territories to the north of Frankfurt, survived until 1866 with the name of an electorate within the German Confederation. It contained a superficial area of 3699 square miles, and its population in 1864 was 745,063.

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Product no.: 00301821819 60

Hesse-Cassel, Wilhelm I., Thaler 1819.


Product no.: 00301881854 40

Hesse-Cassel, Friedrich Wilhelm I., Double Thaler 1854.


Product no.: 00301891854 50

Hesse-Cassel, Friedrich Wilhelm I., Thaler 1854.


Product no.: 00301951840 30

Hesse-Darmstadt, Ludwig II., Double Thaler 1840.


Product no.: 00301981854 30

Hesse-Darmstadt, Ludwig III., Double Gulden 1854.


Product no.: 303046

Hesse-Darmstadt, Ludwig II., 1830-1848, 10 Gulden 1840 HR

Product no.: 00301841841 40

Hesse-Cassel, Wilhelm II. and Friedrich Wilhelm, Thaler 1841.


Product no.: 00302001861 20

Hesse-Darmstadt, Ludwig III., Vereinsthaler 1861.


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