Shipping Fees

Shipping Fees

Cash and carry
A pick up by the customer is free of shipping after prior consultation.

Please note that our our terms and conditions regarding the shipment of goods does only apply for this webshop.

The shipping fees regarding our auctions can be found in our auction terms.


Shipping fees within Germany: FREE SHIPPING!

Here is an overview of our shipping costs:

  € 11.00-€200.00 € 201.00-€ 500.00 € 501.00-€1000.00 over € 1000.00
Germany Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping
China € 9.90 € 9.90 No Shipping No Shipping
France € 9.90 € 19.50 € 19.50 Free Shipping
Russian Federation € 9.90 No Shipping No Shipping No Shipping
EU, other countries € 9.90 € 9.90 € 19.50 Free Shipping
World, other countries € 9.90 € 9.90 € 29.90 € 29.90


Please take into account that delivery outside the European Union might lead to additional taxes and/or duties in your specific country. It is your responsibility to find out if this may be the case in your home country. More information can be found at


Please note: shipping to particular countries at an order value from € 200.00 (Russian Federation) to € 500.00 (China) respectively IS NOT possible!