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The Coin Sets from our Shop offer you an exclusive compilation of coins. And in our Premium Special you find coins of ultimate scarcity or extraordinary pieces in an outstanding high quality. You will receive your coins in a decorative box. In addition, we assure you the authenticity of these numismatic specialties with our certificates of authenticity.

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In our Online-Shop you will find a huge range of ancient coins, historical and modern coins from all parts of the world. Moreover, you will find mintages from the German States, the German Empire, and the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, the FRG and GDR plus coins from the Eurozone. Besides that, we also offer thematic medals. At Emporium Numismatics you will find gold coins, silver coins as well as bronze coins or copper-nickel. We constantly expand our selection making regular visits to our site worthwhile.

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New Hanseatic League: Classic Trio of Coins

Product no.: Hanse

Hanseatic League: Classic Trio of Coins of the Greatest Hansa Cities Bremen, Hamburg and Lübeck

399.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New Frederick William: Quartet of Coins

Product no.: Kurfürst

Frederick William of  Brandenburg: The most important coins of the great elector, Quartet of Coins

298.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New Lübeck: Queen of Hansa, Trio of Coins

Product no.: Lübeck

Hanseatic City Lübeck - Queen of the Hanseatic League, Trio of Coins: 48 Schilling, 323 Schilling, 32 Schilling lubisch

579.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New Alexander the Great: Duo of Coins

Product no.: Alexander

Alexander the Great: The classic duo of coins of the greatest general of all times, tetradrachm and drachm

598.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New Ancient Silkroad: Set of 7 Coins

Product no.: Seidenstraße

The ancient Silk Road – a 10,000 kilometers long crucible of culture and economics, Set of 7 Coins

269.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New The Diadochi: Exclusive Set of 5 Coins

Product no.: Diadochen

The Diadochi: The Successors of Alexander the Great, Set of 5 Coins

4,895.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New The Netherlands and the Golden Rider

Product no.: Goldener Reiter

The Netherlands and the Golden Rider: Exclusive Set of 2 gold Gulden

4,495.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New Palatinate Sulzbach, Rhinegold-Ducat 1764

Product no.: 76104

Electorate Palatinate Sulzbach, Rhinegold-Ducat 1764 S

Av. Bust withou drapery r.

Rv. View of Mannheim with castle, in foreground the Rhine with tree and gold panner

4,200.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days

New Regensburg, City, Ducat n.d.

Product no.: 92801

City Regensburg, Ducat n.d.

With the title of Francis I

Av. Cuir. bust r.

Rv. View of Regensburg from northeast, above radiating triangle


4,950.00 € *
In stock
shipping within 2-3 days
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