Celts, East Noricum, AR Tetradrachm (2nd-1st BC) Samobor type A

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Celts, East Noricum, AR Tetradrachm (2nd-1st BC) Samobor type A

Obv.: head with pearl diadem
Rev.: Horse of Epona, dot on chest


The Celts attributed supernatural powers to certain places, plants and animals. Some of them, such as the three birds of Cliodna, a queen of the Otherworld who restored the sick to health with her song, were attributed certain healing powers.

The Celtic fertility goddess Epona was also accompanied by animals. In her case it was horses, which were generally regarded by the Celts as a symbol of life. Some researchers and scholars even suspect the worship of a horse deity and base this on the huge depiction of a figure of a white horse carved into a chalk rock at Uffington in Oxfordshire.

Horses were sacred to the Celts, they were considered mystical creatures and were associated with magic, the night and the moon.


At the time of its greatest expansion, the Regnum Noricum (Celtic kingdom) comprised approximately the present-day Austrian provinces of Carinthia, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Lower Austria and Styria, as well as south-eastern Bavaria, the south of the Czech Republic, western Slovakia, north-western Hungary and large parts of Slovenia.



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Literature Pink 553, Göbl TKN Tf. 22, 2. Slg. Lanz 158.

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