Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek, Penny 1893

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South Africa
Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek 1852-1910
Penny 1893
Av.: Bust of President Paul Kruger to the left
Rs.: Central coat of arms of the Z.A.R.


Expand your collection of coins from Africa with a penny of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek!

It is not a spelling error. The Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek, or South African Republic, existed from 1857-1902 and was formed with the immigration of Boers (farmers) around 1835 in the so-called Great Trek. The territory of the republic was later known as the South African province of Transvaal. From 1857-1877 the area was independent, then it was annexed by the British. This was followed by the First Boer War, which led to renewed independence from 1881-1900. After the defeat of the Boers during the Second Boer War, the Republic was finally taken by the United Kingdom in 1900.

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Origin South Africa
Grading AU-50
Material Bronze
Full weight


Literature KM 2

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