Asia Minor, Lycia, Pericles, AR 1/3 Stater

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Asia Minor, Lycia, Pericles, AR 1/3 Stater, 380-362 BC. 

Obv: Lion scalp,
Rev: Triskeles, l. head Apollo



Pericles of Limyra was the last known dynasty of Lycia. He ruled over eastern and northern Lycia around 380-360 BC. Meanwhile, the western part of Lycia was under Persian rule.

The name Lycia is an ancient Greek name for a landscape in the southwest of Asia Minor. The landscape is partly very rough and rugged with peaks of over 3000 metres. Lycia is roughly divided into four parts, a western, a central, an eastern and a northern part. Only the first three can be called the Lycian core area. The east and west of Lycia minted coins to different standards between the 6th and 4th centuries BC.

Av: The Nemean Lion (Old Greek Λέων τῆς Νεμέας ) was an invulnerable lion of Greek mythology that originally roamed the forests of Argolis (Peloponnese) at the instigation of the goddess Hera. The lion was possibly a descendant of Selene, the goddess of the moon, and was primarily known through the so-called twelve heroic deeds of Heracles, whereby the story of the Nemean Lion represents the first heroic deed of Heracles in a duel with the lion. After Heracles kills the lion by his physical strength alone during the wrestling match, he then removes the lion's skin and scalp with which he was clothed from then on. 

Rs: Apollo (Old Greek Ἀπόλλων) is one of the twelve gods of Olympus. In Greek mythology he is also called the god of light. This is where the connection with the symbol of the triskele arises.  

Triskels have been known symbols since the Neolithic Age.  

They stand for life, especially for the "path of life" but also symbolically for the sun.

Interestingly, one encounters these ornaments in different cultures. (Celts, Egyptians, Greeks up to the cultures of East Asia and Japan).

The Greek term "τρισκελής triskelḗs" - German 'drereibeinig' (three-legged) refers to connections such as past, present and future or also body, mind and soul, etc. 

Triskelic arrangements are also very common in heraldry.


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