Syria, AR Tetradrachm, Antiochos II

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AR Tetradrachm
Antiochos II Theos (261-246 BC)
Obv.: Diad. head right
Rev.: Apollo seated on omphalos with arrow and bow


He was called "Theos" by the Milesians: Antiochos II. Add a tetradrachm of the "tyrant liberator" to your collection!

Antiochos II was already since 268 BC co-ruler of his father Antiochos I. Although he was not originally intended for this role, he had an older brother. However, since he was executed in 268 B.C. at the behest of his father, Antiochos followed to the royal throne. After the second Syrian war against Ptolemy II, Antiochos renounced the Asia Minor possessions. He also separated from his wife Laodike and married Berenice, the daughter of Ptolemy. Shortly before his death, he disinherited Berenike and appointed his son from his first marriage, Seleucus II, as his successor.

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Origin Syria
Grading a VF
Material Silver
Full weight


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