Brandenburg-Prussia, 1/6 Thaler 1752 A

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Friedrich II the Great, 1740-1786,

1/6 Thaler 1752 A, Berlin

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Friedrich II (1712-1786), also called Friedrich the Great and popularly known as the "Old Fritz", was King of Prussia from 1740. The three Silesian Wars he fought against Austria for the possession of Silesia led to German dualism. After the last of these wars, the Seven Years' War from 1756 to 1763, Prussia was recognised as the fifth great power in the European pentarchy alongside France, Great Britain, Austria and Russia.

Friedrich II the Great is considered a representative of enlightened absolutism. He described himself as the "first servant of the state". He implemented far-reaching social reforms, abolished torture and pushed for the expansion of the education system.



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Origin Roman German Empire
Mint Berlin
Additional specifications Rs. Stamp error, mint state
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature Old. 22; v. Schr. 245

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