Byzantium, Isaac I, AV Scyphat

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Byzantium, Isaac I (1057-1059), AV Scyphat

Obv.: Christ enthroned from the front
Rev: Emperor with sword drawn from scabbard


Expand your collection of Byzantine coins with a Scyphate of Isaac I! Minted for only two years!

Isaac I was a very religious ruler. Even as a child he was together with his brother at the behest of Emperor Basileios II.  in a study monastery. After completing his education the emperor placed him in a high position, which eventually enabled Isaac to ally himself with the nobility of Constantinople against Michael VI.  After the latter's deposition, he was crowned emperor and thus founded the Comnenian dy nasty. Although he is depicted as a warrior on his coins, Isaac I. only had one military interaction. After his successful campaign
against the Hungarians and Pechenegs, he fell ill and handed over the government to Constantine Dukas. Although Isaac I recovered, he decided against the imperial dignity and retired to a monastery instead, where he
where he died two years later.


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Additional product information

Origin Byzantine Empire
Grading EF
Additional specifications Mintage period: 1057-1059 Material: Gold Grade: Obv. little stains, XF
Material Gold
Full weight

ca. 4,38g

Fineness Gold.900
Literature Sear 1843, So. 51.1

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