Boeotia, Thebes, AR Stater

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Boeotia, Thebes, AR Stater (395 - 338 BC)

Obv.: Boeotian shield
Rev.: Volute crater - Between the letters E-LI



Boeotian Thebes ( today Thiva / Central Greece ) was the largest city in the Greek countryside of Boeotia in ancient times.

It is situated on the foothills of Teumessos. Teumessos was a city in ancient Boeotia, situated in the plain of Thebes on a low rocky hill with the same name. The name of this hill seems also to have been given to the mountain range separating the plain of Thebes from the valley of Asopus.

Even Homer titled Thebes the "city of the seven gates" (Thebe Heptapylos). In Greek antiquity, it was the most important site of the Boeotian League.



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Origin Ancient Greece
Mint Greece
Grading VF-EF
Material Silver
Full weight


Literature Sear 2400 (see notes) BMC150; SNG. Cop. 339; BCD 539


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