The Magyars, a tribe of semi nomads, entered the Carpathian Basin towards the end of the 9th century and raided all over Europe. They established themselves as the dominant power in the area and in the year 1000 Stephen I founded the kingdom of Hungary. The end of Hungary's independence came around the middle of the 16th century with the conquests by the Ottoman Empire. On August 29, 1526 Sultan Suleiman I defeated King Ludwig II of Bohemia and Hungary. The largest part of Hungary came under Turkish rule. The unoccupied areas were partly governed by the Habsburgs and partially combined to the principality of Transylvania under Ottoman protection.

In 1686, the Habsburgs conquered Buda and expelled the Turks from Hungary. The rule of the Austrians proved to be very unpopular and it came again and again to riots and revolts as the "Kuruzenaufstand" under Prince Francis II Rákóczi from 1703 to 1711. Only by the Austro-Hungarian settlement of 1867 this certain tension could be alleviated: Francis Joseph I now called himself equal Apostolic King of Hungary and Emperor of Austria and ruled both countries in personal union.

Initially, the "currency" of Hungary consisted mainly of captured gold and silver from the countries that invaded the Magyars. The Arabian and Persian silver money and the Byzantine gold currency were rather hoarded or tinkered as jewelry rather than directly negotiated. The first "own" coins are the silver denarii, which were minted from the 11th century. In 1325, the first gold guilder was then minted as an imitation of the Florentine. The Habsburgs coined their own types of thalers, cruisers and groschen for Hungary, often with the Mother of God on the reverse.

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Hungary, Bela III, 1172-1196, Denarius N.D

Obv.: Between to anchor-shaped symbols 'BE LA'

Rev.: Ligature of the word 'REX'


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Hungary, Stephan V. 1270-1272, Obol o.J.

Obv.Frontal bust of a king with globus cruciger and cross

Rev.Three lilies in triangular shield

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