How do I consign?

How do I consign?

How do I consign?

You wish to sell your coins & medals or banknotes & emergency money, be it your complete collection or single coins or papermoney? You inherited a collection and are planning to sell it?

We are looking forward to advice and assist you for the sale of your coins & medals and banknotes & emergency money!

The Emporium Hamburg offers the opportunity to sell your items to a worldwide publicum during the annual spring and autumn floor auctions and with almost half a century of experience in the national and international auction business.


Our services for you:

  • We offer you a professional advice as well as a competent estimate of your items. We consider the current market, to offer the best possible conditions for a successful and profitable auction for your coins & medals as well as banknotes & emergency money.
    For the estimation of paper money we work closely with the experts Mr. Karl-Heinz Goll and Mr. Michael Lang.
  • There are different ways to get your collection to our house. Please contact us and we will find the best possible shipping solution.
  • As soon as we receive your items, we will contact you personally to confirm receipt.
  • After a well-founded appraisal, we will inform you about the items recorded for the auction with the corresponding estimated prices. At least 4 weeks before the auction date we will also announce the catalogue numbers so that you are informed when your items will be called during the auction.
  • We make sure that your items are not sold below their value. Minimum the bid price is 90 % of the estimated price stated in the catalogue.
  • There are no fees for items that are unsold in the auction and, upon request, we will pay an appropriate advance on the anticipated proceeds of your items.
  • In general the commission for consignors is 20 %. For high-quality items and collections we will accommodate you.
  • You will receive the proceeds of your auctioned items 8 weeks after the auction. In advance we will provide the list of results to get an overview of your auctioned items and the prices realized.
  • Each auction is accompanied by an extremely high-quality and internationally recognized catalogue, which presents coins and medals from antiquity to modern times. Our catalogue for papermoney is also popular due to its quality and presents the variety of banknotes, emergency money & historical securities.
  • The online presence of our floor auction guarantees an international audience among the bidders. Last but not least, our constant contact and attentive handling of the bidders has given us a large and consolidated customer base that continues to grow.





Dr. Josef Fischer
Head of Numismatic Department

Numismatist & Auction Management

Tel: +49 40 25799 - 137


Dr. Laura Thielen
Deputy Head of Numismatic Departnent

Numismatist & Auction Management

Tel: +49 40 25799 - 134


Marc Niehsen MA

Numismatist & Auction Management

Tel: +49 40 25799 - 133




An overwiev for our auction dates 2021

May 04 until 06, 2021: Auction 93 – Coins & Medals, Störtebeker-House, Hamburg

May 07, 2021: Auction 94 – Banknotes & Emergency Money, Störtebeker-House, Hamburg

July 16 until August 01, 2021: Online Auction - Alpha 6 - via

November 10 until 11, 2021: Auction 95 – Coins & Medals, Störtebeker-House, Hamburg

November 12, 2021: Auction 96 – Banknotes & Emergency Money, Störtebeker-House, Hamburg

December 17, 2021 until January 02, 2022: Online Auction - Alpha 7 - via